Mobile Web Design

Oregon Voodoo Inc, located in Hillsboro, Oregon can also create a Mobile version of your website, in addition to your current site or completely separate from it. Mobile sites are designed for the size of a handheld device and allow users to more easily navigate and discover content. Mobile pages also need to have smaller images and no sidebar navigation to allow more content to be displayed on the screen at one time. Navigation elements are generally used in-line with page content. Also, most mobile users are only on one page at a time so it is important to be more focused about your content and goals to minimize the need for more navigation or other links.


Oregon Voodoo Inc. can convert your existing site into a fully functional mobile site for your visitors, increasing awareness of your brand and improving customer loyalty. This allow customers to access your site on the device they want, where they want and when they want it.


Mobile Sites generally get an advantage in search results as well as a better return on investment from Pay-Par-Click ads such as Google Adwords because of the reduced competition, improved readability and condensed content. Having OVI built your mobile website will also give your visitors the flexibility to get the content they want when and where they need it. Conversion rates for sales are also generally higher on a mobile device as people will go to fewer pages to find what they are looking for, which makes Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) of your mobile site critical.