iPhone & Android Apps

Hillsboro iPhone App

Oregon Voodoo Inc. can make an iOS or Android app to your specifications of any complexity or even just a simple contact or informational app for your business to connect with your customers. Your iPhone App will be provided free or for a price you set for iPhone users from the App Store. They can also include in-app purchases where people can pay for features or items from within your application.


OVI can make an application for your business, such as a Restaurant App, Catering App, Photo Gallery App, Salon App, Realtor App or other informational iPhone Application for your business for as little as $99/month.


Do we make iPhone games? Yes we make games! We currently are working with Vision Strike Ware building three iPhone games that are slated for release in late 2012 and early 2013. We have professional digital and 3d artists and a full engineering team available to make your game a reality.

Your application can have great features like importing your website blog or your twitter account, in app purchases, monthly updates, notifications and tons of other great features. Ask us how we can design your iPhone App and help you reach a bigger audience.

Did you know that people download 12 millions iPhone applications a month, just in the United States? That’s a lot of potential customers! Also having an application brings serious credibility to your business. When you ask your customers to download your application, they immediately think that you are a professional business with long term potential and in business, customer perception is everything.

Contact Oregon Voodoo Inc. to get your iPhone app started for as little as $99 per month!