Oregon Voodoo Inc. is Now Hook SEO.

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Oregon Voodoo Inc. is now Hook SEO.

Same great people, same great local service!

Hook SEO is the merger between Oregon Voodoo Inc. of Hillsboro, OR and Crucial Solutions LLC. of Gilbert, AZ. This merger combined the talents and skills of both company’s years of technical expertise along with adding new products and services for all out clients, present and future. We now offer Local Search and SEO services as well as managed online advertising solutions, payment systems, merchant services, mobile apps and much more.

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Hot Tech Computers Reaches #1 Rank on Google for Top Local Keyword In Only 4 Months

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Hot Tech Computers (source: http://hottechcomputers.com) has reached the #1 Local Rank Position in their area for several keywords despite only being open since June 2013. With the help of Oregon Voodoo Inc., Hot Tech was able to achieve the number one spot for “Beaverton iPhone Repair” as well as 10 other relevant and highly sought after key words in their area.

“We’re so busy, I barely have time to answer the phone. Some days we can’t answer the calls fast enough and our voicemail gets full. [Oregon Voodoo Inc.] has done a great job in all of our online marketing from Google to Facebook. We’re growing our business every day.”

Oregon Voodoo Inc. manages all online marketing for Hot Tech Computers as well as some print material such as business cards and postcards. They manage Facebook, Google+, Yelp, Upswing, Foursquare, Pinterest, Reddit and other social media properties for them, as well as all their digital ads, craigslist posting and SEO work, such as website updates and press releases.

hot tech computers

Hot Tech Computers

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Hot Tech ComputersHot Tech Computers (http://hottechcomputers.com) is located in the Aloha/Beaverton/Hillsboro area at the  intersection of TV Hwy and 185th Avenue in Beaverton, Oregon. Hot Tech Computers repairs computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones and screens. Jaret, the owner of Hot Tech Computers, uses Oregon Voodoo Inc. for their Web Design, their online store, print materials and SEO as well as help with Craigslist advertising, social media and PPC advertising.

As a brand new store in the area, local search was very important to put Hot Tech on the map, literally! Our SEO packages include getting your store listed on Google Maps, Bing Maps and Facebook Places! Our Local Search scans will find out which local search sites you are not yet listed on and we will get you posted on them too.

OVI’s search engine optimization, advertising and social media help is turning Hot Tech Computers into the go-to place to buy/sell/repair used cell phones, to remove viruses and other computer repairs.

It can be difficult to get listed on local search when your location and your website are both brand new.  To help overcome the advantage of competitors having been around for longer, an extensive social media and press release campaign was used to jump start listings.

Using Keyword Titles in Backlinks to your Website

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Backlinking is more important than ever when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and Link Optimization. It doesn’t matter if your business is selling Bail Bonds in Washington State or Real Estate in Kelowna, BC. The more backlinks with keyword phrases in them, the better the overall rank of your site will be. See what I did there with the links? Search Engines see the anchor text in the link as being related to the site and give you some “link juice” for those backlinks. This even improves your domain’s attribute of being considered an “authority” on the topic of your content. For example, links from sites about Mobile Gaming to Vision Strike Ware, LLC, improve the rank of that site for terms related to mobile platform gaming.

The best way to get the most from your linking is to get listings from high profile sites related to your content. For example, Vision Strike Wear sells custom military t-shirts and Real Heroes Wear makes custom fire and police t-shirts. A link from one of these sites to the other is valuable, because the content is similar. Great ways to approach backlinking are forum posts related to your topic (stay on topic, don’t spam out links) and asking blogs to mention you in an article about a related topic.

For local site like the Hillsboro Crossfit Gym, Crossfit Code Red, social linking is especially important. These are links from sites like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ which link back to your website. The more these are shared locally, the more your search will approve in that location.

These strategies can improve the rank and performance of your blog or website in the long run and get you ranked above your competition.

Crossfit Code Red

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Crossfit Code Red

Crossfit Code Red

Crossfit: Code RED in Hillsboro, Oregon is a Crossfit Workout Gym that is locally owned and operated by Jake Maslin. Every class workout is unique and run by a certified personal trainer. Using the crossfit WOD system, or Workout of the Day, they help people get in shape and stay in shape with a constantly changing blend of cardio, stretches, exercises and weight lifting. All their workouts are also regressable so that they can work for people of any fitness level.

The Crossfit: Code RED website is built on WordPress with multiple blogs and Facebook intergration and as well as other social media sharing. Posts created for the blog are automatically posted to their Facebook page and comments on posts by users are posted to their Facebook timeline. It also includes the Social Reader which tracks the posts most read by other readers and suggests them to new readers.

With a combined SEO strategy of great built-in SEO design, social sharing and local pages on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook, Crossfit Code Red is already near the top of the local search results in both the organic search and on the map searches. Their members can interract directly with the owners and trainers on the site and through Facebook and new customers can read reviews, research the workouts and talk to other members directly.

Vision Strike Wear

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Vision Strike Wear

Oregon Voodoo Inc. is proudly partnered with Vision Strike Wear, a custom military apparel company selling highly customizable shirts, hoodies and other apparel items to the men, women and veterans of the military as well as their friends and families. Their site is a fully customized managed ecommerce solution that manages every point of the customer’s shopping experience from first contact to fulfillment and even RMAs and exchanges and post-sales reviews.

Vision-Strike-Wear.com “Wear the Military Gets Cover!” is a website of military related and custom apparel. They are locally owned and operated out of Beaverton, OR. Their partner sites, Real-Heroes-Wear.com, Custom-Shirt-Designs.com and Shamerican.com are both custom t-shirt sites with differing themes. They sell online and work with many charities and organizations to help them raise money through affiliate sales.

We also manage all the SEO work for VSW and their partner sites. Getting them a front page rank on hundreds of keyword phrases directly related to their products. They have a Facebook presence, twitter account and are integrated with Digg, Stumbleupon and Pinterest.